Interviews, Books, Periodicals, News Articles, and Official Reports used as reference for the Sarge’s Website and Research.


Interviews, e-mails, and just plain spoken words.

Members of 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment:
Tony Alcaraz, Rich Aliulis, Tom Allenspach, Joe Amari, Norm Ashenbrenner, Donnie Ashley,

Herb Ballard, Brig. Gen. Jim Bisson, Danny Breeding, Fred Broccardo, Jerrold Brooks, Charles Boyd, Ralph “Buck” Buchanan,

Bud Cauley, Ray Cassidy, Bill Comeau, Les “Coop” Cooper, John “Randy” Cornett, Chuck Counryman, Pete Cullen,

Danny Darnell, Ed Domaleski, Archie Donaldson, Mike Dunn,

Andy Farris, Larry Fontana,

Ted Grace, John B. Grigsby Jr.,

Jon D. “Doc” Hackett, Jack Harrington, Michael Hauser, Gordon Heck, Wayne Hearn, Dan Hollister, Stan Hooper, Ron Huges,

Bill Irish, Randy Isbell,

Tim Jachowski,

Gordon Kimbel, Casey Kramarczyk, Mark Krofek,

Charles LeVan,

Jim MacMillan, Pat Mahoney, Dan Marquardt, Howard McKinney, Charlie Moy, Ron Mosley,

John E. Napper, Dan Nate, Ken Nerpel, Mike Neuman, Bob Newkirk, Mike Novak,

Bud Officer, Dewight Oilar, Jim Olafson,

Howard Paris, Daniel S. Parsons, Marc Prel,

Bob Salle, Frank Sawicki, Bill Swartz, Bill Schwindt, Tony Shaver, Steve Slayton, Dr. Burke Smith, Richard T. Smith, Jerry A. Smith, Wayne Smith, Bruce Sole, Jack Sumner, Allen Suydam, William “Bill” Schwartz, Duanne Swift,

Don Toohey,

Ron Vanoe, George Veitch,

Dick Wiggins, Howard Williams, Al Wissinger, Don Wright,

Jim Young.

Supporting Unit members of 25th Infantry Division:
Battery B, 1st Battalion, 8th Field Artillery:
Bert Allen
[JACHOWSKI] — Journal kept by Forward Observer Lieutenant Tim Jachowski.

3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry:
Ed Errickson, Bob Lagana, James Pinto

25th Aviation Battalion:
Craig Fielding, Joe Finch



Books & Monographs

Abbott, Charles Wheaton (1832-1918), THE ARMY OF THE UNITED STATES; HISTORICAL SKETCHES OF STAFF AND LINE WITH PORTRAITS OF GENERALS-IN-CHIEF, Edited by T.F. Rodenbough, B.G., USA and W. L. Haskin, Major, First Artillery, New York: Maynard, Merrill, & Co. 1896
CONTAINS: A history of the 2/12th from the Civil War through the Indian Campaigns (laced with the prejudices of the time) may be found on pages 555 to 574.
[CMH online book: ]

Aloe, Colonel Alfred, TWELFTH U.S. INFANTRY 1798-1919: Its Story – By its Men, New York: Knickerbocker Press 1919
CONTAINS: Loads of photographs of the units officers and men, plus stations.
[rootsweb online book: ]

Astor, Gerald, A BLOOD-DIMMED TIDE: The Battle of the Bulge by the Men Who Fought It, New York, NY, Dell Publishing 1994
CONTENTS: 525 pages, indexed with photographs.

Bell, William Gardner, COMMANDING GENERALS AND CHIEFS OF STAFF 1775-2005, Washington, DC, CMH 2005
CONTENTS: Biographies. On line at

Bergerud, Eric M., THE DYNAMICS OF DEFEAT: the Vietnam War in Hau Nghia Province, Boulder: Westview Press 1991 [Paperback Edition 1993]
CONTENTS: Deep background on one of the 2/12th’s old battlegrounds. Reads like a Masters Thesis and may be of little interest to the common grunt. Some good stuff on the goings on with the VC/NVA. One more mention of the “Wolfhounds” and this ole “Warrior” is gonna scream.π

Bergerud, Eric M., RED THUNDER, TROPIC LIGHTNING: The World of a Combat Division in Vietnam, Boulder: Westview Press 1993
CONTENTS: Oral interview/history about the 25th Infantry Division in Viet Nam.π

Bolger, Daniel P., DRAGONS AT WAR: 2-34th Infantry in the Mojave, Novato, CA: Presidio Press 1986
CONTENTS: “Battles” at the U.S. Army National Training Center in the Desert. Interesting read – considering this was written before the Gulf War.π

Brown, Brig. Gen. John S., Editor, ORGANIZATIONAL HISTORY, Fort McNair, DC: U.S. Army Center of Military History 1999
CONTAINS: Organizational history of the Army.

Brown, Robert McAfee, Abraham J. Heschel, & Michael Novak Editors, VIETNAM: CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE, New York: Associated Press, Behrman House, Herder and Herder 1967
CONTAINS: Antiwar. A call from American Clergy to work and act to stop the war based on theological, moral and religious discussion. Three “Leaders” from three major faiths assert that the war is “immoral.” Published by the National Board of Young Men’s Christian Associations – not to be confused with the Young Mans Christian Association (YMCA) – or perhaps this was clever means of confusing us at that time.π

Bui, Diem and David Canoff, IN THE JAWS OF HISTORY, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. 1987
CONTAINS: View by the Vietnamese Ambassador to the U.S.π

Burkett, B.G. and Glenna Whitley, STOLEN VALOR: How the Vietnam Generation Was Robbed of its Heros and its History, Dallas, TX: Verity Press 1998π

Bush, Noel F., WINTER QUARTERS: George Washington and the Continental Army at Valley Forge, New York: Liveright 1974π
CONTENTS: The story of Valley Forge.

Butler, David, THE FALL OF SAIGON, New York: Simon and Schuster 1985
CONTENTS: Should have been titled The Fall of South Vietnam. The end days in 1975.

Caputo, Philip, A RUMOR OF WAR, New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston of Canada, Ltd. 1977
CONTENTS: The first great novel about the Vietnam War to make the mainstream Best Seller list. A literary masterpiece by a Marine Vietnam Veteran.π

Carland, John M., COMBAT OPERATIONS: STEMMING THE TIDE: May1965 to October 1966, Washington, DC: Center of Military History U.S. Army 2000
CONTENTS: U.S. military history and campaigns before the 2/12th Inf got to Vietnam. Lots of maps and iscritions of battles (in detail, down to company level). Excellent – although skimpy on the 25th in the III Corps area.≤ [DS 558.C37]

Carrison, Muriel Paskin editor, CAMBODIAN FOLKSTORIES from the Gatiloke, Rutland, Vermont: Charles E. Tuttle Co. 1987π
CONTENTS: Cambodian folk sories.

Caruthers, Jr., Brig. General Lawrence H., CHARACTERISTICS AND CAPABILITIES OF ENEMY WEAPONS, U.S. Army Field Artillery School [Published in era.]
CONTENTS: Monograph booklet has short capabilities and nice black and white ink illustrations. Cannons to RPG – no small arms.

Chaplains Board, The Armed Forces, BOOK OF WORSHIP FOR UNITED STATES FORCES, Washington D.C.: Government Printing Office 1974
CONTENTS: Hymns, prayers, guides for services and more.π

Chong, Denise, THE GIRL IN THE PICTURE: the story of Kim Phuc, the Photography, and the Vietnam War, New York: Viking 1999
CONTENTS: The trials of a Trang Bang family during and after the Vietnam War; and Kim Phuc’s journey from napalm to Canada. Interesting read!

Clarke, Jeffrey J., ADVICE AND SUPPORT: The Final Years, 1965-1973 (United States Army in Vietnam), Washington, DC: Center of Military History, United States Army 1988 [DS 558.C58]≤
CONTENTS: Extensive history of Vietnamization.

Coffman, Edward M.. THE REGULARS: The American Army 1898-1941, Cambridge, Mass and London, England: Belknapp Press of Harvard University Press 2004 [UA 25.C6223]
CONTENTS: This highly researched book was an interesting read about what life was like for the soldiers and their families. I liked it.≤ [UA 25.C6223]

Colby, William, with James McCargar, LOST VICTORY: A Firsthand Account of America’s Sixteen-Year Involvement in Vietnam, Chicago-New York: Contemporary Books 1989
CONTENTS: Former CIA Director spills guts.

Cole, Hugh M., THE ARENNES: Battle of the Bulge, Washington DC:U.S. Army Center of Military History Publication 7-8-1 1965

Creelman, James, ON THE GREAT HIGHWAY, Boston: Lothrop Publishing Co. 1901 [HTML edition copyrighted by Cardinal Book]
CONTAINS: A turn-of-the-century Yellow Journalist’s jingoistic account. Chapt. X, Battle of El Caney.
[Cardinal online book: ]

Curry, Cecil B., FOLLOW ME AND DIE; The Destruction of an American Division in World War II, New York: Stein and Day 1985
CONTAINS: Hertgen Forest. Primarily a story of the 109th Inf. of the 28th Div. But, the Twelfth is mentioned several times – as we relieved them during the battle.π

Di Fusco, John et all, TRACERS, New York: Hill & Wang 1986
CONTAINS: A play by Vietnam Vets.π

Donovan, David, ONCE A WARRIOR KING: Memories of an Officer in Vietnam, New York: McGraw-Hill 1985π

Dunn, LT GEN Carroll H., Vietnam Studies BASE DEVELOPMENT IN SOUTH VIETNAM 1965-1970, Washington D.C.: Department of the Army, Government Printing Office 1972, 1991
[CMH Online book: ]
CONTENTS: Engineers in Vietnam. Good generalized and specific stuff on major bases, facilities and programs.

Dupuy, Colonel T. N., A GENIUS FOR WAR: The German Army and General Staff, 1807-1945, Fairfax, Virginia, Hero Books 1984
[First published by Prentice-Hall 1977]
CONTENTS: “Know your enemy!” I picked this up to find info on the other side during WWII. I think the author is the same Colonel Dupuy – a noted U.S. Army historian.π

Dyer, Gwynne, WAR, New York: Crown Publishers, Inc. 1985
CONTAINS: A book spun from the author and narrator’s PBS National Television Series.π

Eckhardt, Major General George S., COMMAND AND CONTROL 1950-1969, (Vietnam Studies series), Department of the Army, Washington, D.C. 1991
CONTENTS: Lets you know who at the “higher-higher” level was pushing our Grunt buttons during the war – in excruciating detail.

Egendorf, Arthur, HEALING FROM THE WAR: Trauma & Transforming after Vietnam, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company 1985
CONTENTS: A psychotherapist “raps.”π

Esposito, Colonel Vincent J. (Chief Editor), THE WEST POINT ATLAS OF AMERICAN WARS: Volume I 1689-1900, New York: Frederick A. Praeger Publishers 1959
CONTENTS: Great maps, and a chronology of events, from the Colonial Wars through the Spanish-American War. Hardcore reference book for military history buffs.π

Finch, Joseph R., ANGEL’S WING: A Year in the Skies of Vietnam, Silver Spring, MD: Bartleby Press, 2001
CONTENTS: A highly personal account of a 25th Aviation ‘Little Bear’ pilot in 1969-70 Vietnam. Available from Bartleby Press, 11141 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20902 Phone (800)953-9929π

Fitzgerald, Frances, FIRE IN THE LAKE: The Vietnamese and the Americans in Vietnam, Boston/Toronto: Little, Brown and Company. 1972
CONTENTS: Often cited in bibliographies on the war. As a vet, I first read this in 1972 and felt it was flawed – and my mind hasn’t changed! It left a distinctly anti-GI taste in my mouth. One of the first major works to try to put the war in a political and historical perspective.π

Ford, Gary Douglas, 4/4: A LRP’s Narrative, New York: Ivy Books 1993π

Fussell, Paul (Editor), THE NORTON BOOK OF MODERN WAR, W. W. Norton & Company, New York 1991π
CONTENTS: Poems, short stories and novels about war and its effects – from the First World War to Vietnam. One of the Sarge’s favorites from the book is by Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936);

I could not dig: I dared not rob:
Therefore I lied to please the mob.
Now all my lies are proved untrue
And I must face the men I slew.
What tale shall serve me here among
Mine angry and defrauded young?


Garland, LTC Albert N., Editor, INFANTRY IN VIETNAM: Small Unit Actions in the Early Days: 1965-66, Nashville: Battery Press 1967
CONTAINS: A compilation of articles from Infantry Magazine.π

Garland, LTC Albert N., Editor, A DISTANT CHALLENGE: The U.S. Infantryman in Vietnam, 1967-1972, Nashville: Battery Press 1983
CONTAINS: Selections from Infantry Magazine – an official publication of the Infantry School at Fort Benning during the ’60s & ’70s.π

Hackworth, Col.David H. Hackworth, and Julie Sherman, ABOUT FACE: The Odyssey of an American Warrior, New York: Simon and Shuster 1989

Hale, Jeff A. and Peter Braunstein, IMAGINE NATION: The American Counterculture of the 1960s and 70s, Routledge/Taylor & Francis Books Inc.
CONTENTS: More than you want to know about hippies. ON LINE CHAPTER AT

Hammond, William M., PUBLIC AFFAIRS: The Military and the Media, 1968-1973, Washington D.C.: U.S. Army Center of Military History 1996
CONTENTS: A massive work about the “Public Affairs” workings in Vietnam. Book 2 of 2 on the Army’s way of handling the press.π

Haing Ngor, with Roger Warner, HANG NGOR: A Cambodian Odyssey, New York: Macmillan Publishing Company 1987
CONTENTS: Dr. Ngor, a Cambodian doctor, played Dith Pran in the motion picture The Killing Fields, and he has a story of his own about Cambodia and after. [Unfortunately Doc Ngor was killed by street thugs in the U.S..]

Harrison, Marshall, A LONELY KIND OF WAR: Forward Air Controller, Vietnam, New York: Pocket Books (a division of Simon & Schuster Inc., 1990
CONTENTS: Written by OV-10 Bronco FAC. Binh Duong; Tay Ninh; Di An; III Corps.π

Hay, LT GEN John H. Jr., Vietnam Studies TACTICAL AND MATERIAL INNOVATIONS, Washington D.C.: Department of the Army, Government Printing Office 1974, 1989
[ CMH Online book: ]
CONTENTS: Tactics, weapons, and some key battles to illustrate the point. Stuff of particular interest to 25th Div. vets are; Chapter IV Loc Ninh; Chapter VIII Fire Support Base Crook…; Chapter XIII Cu Chi.

Heinemann, Larry, BLACK VIRGIN MOUNTAIN: A Return to Vietnam, New York, Vintage Books (A Division of Random House, Inc.) 2005
CONTENTS: This book reminded me of the (late) Richard Brautigan’s bestseller; Trout Fishing in America.

Herrington, Stuart A., STALKING THE VIETCONG: Inside Operation Phoenix: A Personal Account [Originally published as SILENCE WAS A WEAPON by Presidio Press 1982], New York: Ballantine Books (Random House Publishing Group) 2004
CONTENTS: Mostly about the southern part of Hua Nghia Province south of Trang Bang near the Van Co Dong (or Oriental River) in 1971-72 after the 25th (US) Division left the AO. Some mention of VC activities in Trang Bang and An Tinh (in our previous AO). Of more interest to Wolfhounds and Ninth Division guys who worked this area.π

Hiam, C. Michael, WHO THE HELL ARE WE FIGHTING?: The Story of Sam Adams and the Vietnam Intelligence Wars, Hanover, New Hampshire, Steerforth Press 2006π

Hoang, Thinh, with Quynh-Tram Trinh, Nguyen Xuan Thu, VIETNAMESE PHRASEBOOK, Hong Kong, China: Lonely Planet Publications 2000
CONTENTS: Lonely Planet travel books are THE BEST! This little pocket book can easily slip into your back pocket, and is so well laid out that on your trip to Vietnam you will have no problem whipping it out at the roadside stand when you are haggling with Momma-San. “Xin loi Momma-san!”π

Horne, A.D., editor, THE WOUNDED GENERATION: America After Vietnam, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall Inc. 1981
CONTENTS: Washington Post’s compilation of essays by Vietnam era personalities.π

Hoyt, Edwin P., AMERICA’S WARS & MILITARY EXCURSIONS, New York: McGraw-Hill 1987
CONTENTS: Quote from the ‘dust jacket’; “Mr. Hoyt demonstrates that American military policy in the Western Hemisphere has been and still is the result of a kind of American political evangelism, a distorted offshoot of the American Revolution.” π

Johnson, Colonel Gerden F., HISTORY OF THE TWELFTH INFANTRY REGIMENT IN WORLD WAR II, Boston: 12th Infantry Regiment, National Fourth (Ivy) Division Association 1947
CONTENTS: Complete, and very detailed, combat history of the regiment (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Battalions). Maps, rosters, photos and more.
‘Hand Salute’ to all you men who served with the regiment in World War II.π

Jorgenson, Kregg P. J., ACCEPTABLE LOSS, Ivy Press
CONTENTS: Personal memoir of a LRRP/Ranger with the 1st CAV in 1969-70. In Phouc Vinh.π

Josephy, Alvin M. and John S. Bowman, THE WORLD ALMANAC OF THE AMERICAN WEST, New York: Pharos Books 1987
CONTENTS: Reference chronology from 1492 to 1985. Carefully researched. Great source book for historians and journalists.π

Kammholz M.D., Larry P., MOC HOA: A Vietnam Medical-Military Adventure, Oshkosh, Wisconsin: Starboard Publishing 1990π
CONTENTS: The events described are not near our AO.

Karnow, Stanley, VIETNAM: A HISTORY, New York: Penguin reprint, Viking 1983
CONTENTS: Supposed to be THE book on Vietnam, but too political for me (an average Grunt).π

Katz, William Loren, EYEWITNESS: The Negro in American History, New York: Pittman Publishing 1967
CONTENTS: Pages 383-384 have a reprint of the story “A Perfect Hailsorm of Bullets” by Frank W. Pullen, Jr., ex-Sergeant-Major of the 25th U.S. Infantry that first appeared in Edward A. Johnson’s 1899 work; HISTORY OF NEGRO SOLDIERS IN THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR. Sgt. Major Pullen tells the truth about the seizure of the flag at El Caney. In short, a white officer from the 12th Infantry took the flag from the black soldier who had found it and picked it up. [I found this information “on line.”]

Keegan, John and Richard Holmes, SOLDIERS: A History of Men In Battle, New York: Viking Penguin Inc. 1986
CONTENTS: Keegan is the British authority on war. The book covers all aspects of the effects of war on soldiers from the earliest times on.π

Comprehensive Guide To The Fire Bases, Military
Installations and Navel Vessels of the Vietnam War
1945-75, Central Point, OR: Hellgate Press 2002
CONTENTS: Notwithstanding the hippie and flowery
praise in the dust-jacket blurbs from high profile
Vietnam veteran authors, I found so many mistakes I
do not recommend you plunk down the (hefty) $39.95 price for this 560 (plus) page paperback book until corrections are made in later editions. [My ‘Where Wuz We” page is a title I came up with long before this book came out – so it’s not a pun on Kelly’s book. See my AO page. Mr. Kelley – a Vietnam vet – sez the nickname of the 25th Division was “Under the Southern Cross.” NOT! It is TROPIC LIGHTNING. Given this GROSS ERROR, I can not figure out why the divisions association gave it a good review and sells it. I laid out 39.95 plus tax andI feel like I can’t trust the information contained in it. Although, I appreciate the effort it look AND look forward to a corrected version.π

Kosut, Hal (Editor), CAMBODIA & THE VIETNAM WAR, New York: Facts on File Inc. 1971 [DS 557.A64 c28]

Leach, Margaret, IN THE DAYS OF McKINLEY, New York: Harper Bros 1959
CONTENTS: The President and the Spanish-American War.π

Leepson, Mark, with Helen Hannaford, WEBSTER’S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY OF THE VIETNAM WAR, New York: Simon & Schuster Macmillan 1999
CONTENTS: It is OK as a general reference to main events and personalities of the era, and those who latter wrote about it. Nothing deep or new! And it even gets its facts wrong on our 4th and 25th Divisions. I bought it [and don’t you] because of the Vietnamese Order of Battle. Overall, this is another one of those reference books on Viet Nam that is superficial in history, stereotypical, and the editing left me with an anti-soldier bad taste in my mouth.π

Linn, Brian M., THE PHILIPPINE WAR, 1899-1902, Lawrence: University Press of Kansas 2000

Loory, Stuart H., DEFEATED: Inside America’s Military Machine, New York: Random House 1973
CONTENTS: A book about the status of the military & military men in 1973 [Good God! It’s the end of the world!! – Sarge].π

Lubow, Robert E., THE WAR ANIMALS, Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1977
CONTENTS: About half the book is devoted to other animals. The rest IS about war dogs. Mr. Lubow is a psychologist, and he uses a lot of big words – but the section on war dogs is worth the read.π

MacGarrigle, George L., COMBAT OPERATIONS: Taking The Offensive, October 1966 to October 1967, Washington, DC:Center of Military History (CMH), United States Army 1998
CONTENTS: Official history book in the United States Army in Vietnam series. 2/12th campaigns covered; Attleborro pp. 45-55/ Cedar Falls / Junction City pp.113-144. Good general overview of the operations. Has Co. C designated, on a map on page 130, as coming to the relief of FSB GOLD ( Suoi Tre), and no mention of Alpha Company. Nevertheless, this book has enough background information to explain why operations happened the way they did and you could figure out why the 2/12th ended up in the areas that it did.≤ [Library of Congress: DS558.M3 1998]

Mahon, John K. and Romana Danysh, INFANTRY Part I: Regular Army (Army Linage Service), Office of the Chief of Military History, United States Army, Washington, D.C. 1972
CONTENTS: Generalized overview and history of the infantry. Official Army book.π

Mangold, Tom & John Penycate, THE TUNNELS OF CU CHI, New York: Random House 1985
CONTENTS: The book that made a myth – and a present day Tourist Trap of the same name. [A note to you readers of (and visitors to) “The Tunnels of Cu Chi”: We grunts knew about them and destroyed them! And IF the little-people could live underground and “move for 200 miles underground,” why did our ambushes blow away so many of them walking trails and carrying supplies?π

McCarthy, Mary, VIETNAM, New York: Harcourt, Brace & World 1967
CONTENTS: Era antiwar book by the darling of the antiwar movement.

Mark, Fredrick A., THE BANNOCK INDIAN WAR OF 1878
CONTENTS: The 12th was there. I found this information “on line.”π

Marshall, BG Samuel L. A. (USA Ret.), AMBUSH: The Battle of Dau Tieng. Nashville, Tennessee: Battery Press 1983
CONTENTS: Read it for the account of 1966 ATTLEBORO Operation and DT. Turns out; Marshall’s book was panned in the autumn 2003 issue of (the U.S. Army’s) PARAMETERS magazine in an article by John Whiteclay Chambers II, Chair of the History Department at Rutgers University. This was not the first time I have heard questions about the historical research (and historical accuracy) of Marshall books.

Mason, Patience H.C., RECOVERING FROM THE WAR, High Springs, Florida: Patience Press 1998
CONTENTS: The wife of a Vietnam veteran gives her views of how to deal with PTSD. [Wife of Robert.]π

Mason, Robert, CHICKENHAWK, New York: Viking 1983
CONTENTS; THE best book about flying Hueys! By a chopper pilot. [Husband of Patience.]π

Mason, Robert, CHICKENHAWK: Back in the World, New York: Viking Penguin 1993
CONTENTS: I ain’t read it yet.

Mahon, John K. & Romana Danysh, INFANTRY Part 1: Regular Army, Army Lineage Series, Washington D.C.: U.S. Army Center of Military History 1972
CONTENTS: Official lineages of Infantry and Airborne Infantry Regiments.π

Marshall, S.L.A., WEST TO CAMBODIA, New York: Jove Books 1986
CONTENTS: Reprint of a General Marshall’s book originally published in 1968.π

McMaster, Major H.R., DERELICTION OF DUTY: Lydon Johnson, Robert McNamara, The Joint Chiefs ofStaff, and the Lies that Led to Vietnam 1997
CONTENTS: The military indicted!π

Moore, Robert & Douglas Gillette, THE WARRIOR WITHIN: Accessing the Knight in the Male Psyche, New York: William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1992
CONTENTS: This 239 page book by a couple of psychologists takes all the fun out of being a warrior. Not for the feint hearted. Kind of a Lady’s Home Journal guide to the male psyche. OK, so I can get “touchy-feely” too! Id? Ego? Who cares! Real men kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out!π

Moore, Robin, THE GREEN BERETS, New York, NY, Avon Books 1965
CONTENTS: Haven’t read it, but saw the John Wayne movie based on it at the ILIKAI EAST Service Club in Cu Chi – we laughed (sarcastically) like hell at it! Written back in ’65 when the war in Indochina war needed it. Jingo?

Morrison, Wilbur H., THE ELEPHANT & THE TIGER: The Full Story of the Vietnam War, New York: Hippocrene Books, Inc. 1990
CONTENTS: Good read for us Grunt types. The 2/12th is mentioned during the page on Soui Tre. There is a photo of “Crusader” helicopters landing with the caption “Cambodian border operations. UH-1D helicopters arrive May 22, 1970, to pick up members of the Reconnaissance Platoon, Company A, 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division.”π
[The publisher, Hippocrene Books, printed a topographical map of Viet Nam UPSIDE-DOWN. The proof reader missed it – shows you how far down the line we were by 1990.]

Nalty, Bernard C., AIR WAR OVER SOUTH VIETNAM: 1968-1975, Air Force History and Museums Program, United States Air Force, Washington, DC 2000
CONTENTS: An overview of Air Ops in South-east Asia.≤ [Library of Congress: DS558.8 .N35 2000]

Nevin, David, THE MEXICAN WAR (The Old West series), Alexandria, VA: Time-Life Books 1978
CONTENTS: A thorough account of the political causes and the military history of this largely forgotten war.π

Nicosia, Gerald, HOME TO WAR: A History of the Vietnam Veterans’ Movement, New York: Crown Publishers 2001
CONTENTS: A massive work. Everything you ever wanted to know about the antiwar movement.

Nolan, Keith W., INTO CAMBODIA: Spring Campaign, Summer Offensive, 1970, Novato, Calif, Presidio Press 1990
CONTENTS: Much on the “Blackhorse,” “Bobcats,” Three-quarter Cav” and “First Air Cav.” I withhold judgement ’till I’ve read it all. Well, I read it all and the only mention of our outfit – the 2/12th Infantry – is a listing of “Shep” Phillips as our CO. Disappointed. But a good read for you Mech types.π
[WARNING: There is a new book out with the same title by a different author. I ain’t read it, but it don’t sound like we are mentioned in it either. I guess that’s the problem with being a “Bastard Battalion” in a “Bastard Brigade” in the 25th Division. – bh]

O’Brien, Tim, THE THINGS THEY CARRIED, New York: Peguin Books 1991 reprint of Houghton Mifflin/Seymour 1990 book
CONTENTS: A novel, a short story collection and a real “heavy” read for veterans because O’Brien catches the essence of the G.I.’s war in Vietnam so damned well. Highly recommended!π

Palmer, Laura, SHRAPNEL IN THE HEART: Letters and Remembrances from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, New York: Vintage Books Edition 1988
CONTENTS: Shrapnel in the heart, indeed! Too painful for grunts. Letters and poems left at The Wall, along with some interviews with the loved ones. I bought this because of the picture and biography from the family of Co. A’s MIA, Eugene “Gene” Handrahan.π

Parrish MD, John A., 12, 20 & 5: A Doctor’s Year In Vietnam, Toronto and Vancouver: Clark, Irwin & Company 1972
CONTENTS: A Marine doctor’s account of his wartime at Phu Bai in 1969.π

Prugh, Major General George S., LAW AT WAR, Vietnam Studies Series, Center of Military History, Department of the Army, Washington D.C. 1975

Reinberg, Linda, IN THE FIELD: The Language of The Vietnam War, New York: Facts on File 1991π
CONTENTS: See my own ‘Soldier Talk’.
Robinson, David & Robert Storey, VIETNAM: A Travel Survival Kit, Australia: Lonely Planet Publications 1993
CONTENTS: If you feel the need to travel, Lonely Planet books are THE BEST! Great stuff about current day Vietnam.π

Rogers, LTG Bernard Wm., VIETNAM STUDIES, CEDAR FALLS-JUNCTION CITY: A Turning Point, Washington D.C.: U.S. Army Center of Military History, Department of the Army 1989
CONTENTS: CMH Online book.

ROTCM 145-60, THEORY AND DYNAMICS OF TACTICAL OPERATIONS, Department of the Army ROTC Manual, Headquarters, Department of the Army, March 1972 (633 pages}
CONTENTS: Textbook for Reserve Officers (or) everything you need to know about the combat arms battalion.

Rowe, James N., FIVE YEARS TO FREEDOM, New York: Ballantine Books 1971
CONTENTS: POW held in southern Vietnam from 1963-1968.π

Ruppenthal, Major Roland G., American Forces in Action Series, UTAH BEACH TO CHERBOURG (6 June-27 June 1944), Washington D.C.: Center of Military History Publication 100-12, (Reprint) 1947
[CMH Online book:

CONTENTS: Includes a detailed account of the 4th Division’s D-Day landing through the capture of the city of Cherbourg.

Salisbury, Harrison E., BEHIND THE LINES – HANOI, New York: New York Times Co. 1967
CONTENTS: N.Y. Times reporter (and darling of the antiwar movement at the time) travels to NVN and then writes a book about it.π

Sears, Stephen W., LANDSCAPE TURNED RED, New Haven: Ticknor & Fields 1983
CONTENTS: The Civil War Battle of Antietam.π

Schneidar, Ches, FROM CLASSROOMS TO CLAYMORES: A Teacher at War in Vietnam, New York: Ballantine 1999
CONTENTS: An American History teacher’s story of his year beginning DEC 1969. D Co., 2nd BN, 16th Inf Rgmt., 1st Inf.Div., Lai Khe.π

Scruggs, Jan C. editor, WHY VIETNAM STILL MATTERS: The War and The Wall, Washington, DC: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Publication 1996π

Shaara, Michael, THE KILLER ANGELS: A Novel, New York: David McKay Company, Inc. 1974
CONTENTS: Great Civil War book! A fictional novel that tells the story of the Battle of Gettysburg, and draws out the character of the participants. It’s central character is the 20th Maine’s Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain – a true American hero!π

Sheehan, Neil, et. all, THE PENTAGON PAPERS, New York, NY, published by The New York Times / Bantam Books 5th printing 1971
CONTENTS: A Top Secret study on how we got into the Vietnam war was published by The Washington Post and The New York Times in 1971. The powers-that-be called them “Commies,” and “traitors” for publishing the articles and tried to stop them by threats. The case went to court…. the Supreme Court. [Remember what we learned in school about “the tree branches of federal government” and “checks and balances” and “a free press!?” I quote from Justice Hugo L. Black’s decision; “Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the Government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell…”

Shrader, Charles R., AMICICIDE: the problem of friendly fire in modern war, Washington DC: U.S. Army Command and General Staff College; Combat Studies Institute 1982
CONTENTS: A survey of “friendly fire” incidents. Available “on line.”π

Shawcross, William, SIDESHOW:Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia, New York: Simon and Schuster 1979
CONTENTS: ‘Sideshow’ is an investigative reporters look at America’s secret war against Cambodia. Portraits of the major players and their role in decision making. Doesn’t make Henry Kissinger seem like a very nice man.π

Sheehan, Neil, A BRIGHT SHINING LIE: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam, New York: Random House 1988
CONTENTS: A good account of the early years of Hau Nghia Province [Trang Bang, Trung Lap, etc.] amongst Paul Vanns exploits. This guy is one of America’s forgotten heroes.π

Sides, Hampton, GHOST SOLDIERS: The Forgotten Epic Story of World War II’s Most Dramatic Mission, New York: Random House 2001
CONTENTS: The story of Japanese held POWs and LTC Henry Mucci’s 6th Ranger Battalion’s rescue of prisoners at Cabu, Philippines.

Sihanouk, Prince Norodom, WAR & HOPE: The Case for Cambodia, New York: Pantheon Books 1980
CONTENTS: Power and politics. Blah, blah, blah.π

Sorley, Lewis, THE ABRAMS TAPES 1968 – 1972, Lubbock, Texas: Texas Tech University Press 2004
CONTENTS: Researcher Sorley uses General Creighton W. Abrams (and his ‘briefers’) taped words in Vietnam as a means to chronicle the war. Very insightful and highly recommended book for serious Vietnam war historians interested in General Abrams.π

Sorley, Lewis, WESTMORELAND: The General Who Lost Vietnam

Spencer, Duncan, and Lloyd Wolf, FACING THE WALL: Americans at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, New York: Macmillan Publishing Company 1986π

Stanton, Shelby, THE RISE AND FALL OF AN AMERICAN ARMY: U.S. Ground Forces in Vietnam, 1965-1973, Novato,CA: Presidio Press 1985
CONTENTS: Great overview of Vietnam. I was a great fan of Stanton – and still am – for his well researched books on Vietnam. But…. I find it disturbing to …. well, read what I have to say below.π

Stanton, Shelby, VIETNAM ORDER OF BATTLE: A Complete Illustrated Reference to U.S. Army Combat and Support Forces in Vietnam 1961-1973, Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books 2003
CONTENTS: Reprint of 1981 U.S. News Books edition. At 75 bucks – cash American – I had guilt feelings about buying this book. I had bought the original edition when it first came out and lost it. It cost 25 or 30 bucks back then. Stanton’s books are always well researched – and well they should be – after all, they found a bunch of primary U.S. Army documents about the war in his garage including classified and one of a kind documents, and suddenly this book was “out of print” while Stanton and the U.S. Gov. sorted it out – legal wise. So now it’s back in print, and all those guys that bought the “out of print” 1st edition for 200 bucks (plus) on e-bay are S.O.L.. Anyway, the photograph of the “transphibian tactical tree crusher” is worth buying the book. And it’s the photographs of weapons and equipment that interested me most about this book.π
[SEE my website’s ‘Where Wuz We?’ page for details of the 2/12th Inf section of his book.]

Stanton, Shelby THE RISE AND FALL OF AN AMERICAN ARMY: U.S. Ground Forces In Vietnam, 1965-1973, New York, N.Y.: Presidio Press (Ballintine Books) 2003
CONTENTS: See my diatribe about Stanton above, and then read one of the most straightforward military histories of the Army in Vietnam.π

Starry, GEN Don A., Vietnam Studies MOUNTED COMBAT IN VIETNAM, Washington D.C.: Center of Military History Pub 90-17, Department of the Army, Government Printing Office, (Reprint of 1978 CMH Momograph), 1978,1989
[CMH Online book: ]
CONTENTS: “BOOM! BOOM! TANKERS!!” Mech stuff of interest to Bobcats, Dreadnaughts, Triple Duce, and the Three-quarter Cav; plus anyone-else CRAZY ENOUGH to ride around in those “RPG-MAGNETS!”

Steimel, Evelyn & Alfred, A LETTER TO GREGG, Steimel Publishing (printed by Spearsville News, Inc.), 2001
CONTENTS: A tribute to 2/12th KIA Gregg Steimel written by his ‘Gold Star Mother’ – a former newspaper writer – and co-authored by Gregg’s WWII veteran father. Heartbreaking, yet inspirational and uplifting – as are his family if you met them. A MUST READ!π
Stodghill, Dick [Clyde], NORMANDY 1944: A Young Rifleman’s War, Baltimore MD, PublishAmerica 2006
CONTENTS: Stodghill was in Company G, 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment (G/2/12 INF). Pvt. Stodghill was a replacement who came in after D-Day and before the regiment took Cherbourg and ends with the battle of Mortain. I really enjoyed the “GROUND TRUTH” and learned a lot – BUY IT!

Tauber, Peter THE SUNSHINE SOLDIERS, New York, NY, Ballantine Books 1972
CONTENTS: About “Boot Camp” in the early 70s. Should be a hoot.

Taylor, Jr., L. B., THE DRAFT: A Necessary Evil?, New York: Franklin Watts [an Impact Book], 1981
CONTENTS: Explains the history and present status [1981] of the Selective Service process and argues pro and con draft registration for men and women.π

Tilney, Robert, MY LIFE IN THE ARMY: Three Years and A Half With The Fifth Army Corps, Army of the Potomac 1862-1865, Philadelphia, Ferris & Leach 1912 [Collection of the Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University. ]

Tuchman, Bargara W., STILLWELL And The American Experience In China, 1911-45, New York: The Macmillan Company 1970
CONTENTS: The author of THE GUNS OF AUGUST about the beginning of WWI turns her sights on “Vinegar Joe” Stillwell. References to Stillwells service with the 12th Infantry Regiment are on pages. 18-20, 24, 42 of the book.π

Utley, Robert M., FRONTIER REGULARS: The United States Army And The Indian, 1866-1890, New York: Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc. 1973
CONTENTS: Excellent history (and footnoted reference) of the Second Indian Wars. A ‘must read’ for those interested in the period.π

Utley, Robert M. and Wilcomb E. Washburn, INDIAN WARS

Viorst, Milton, FIRE IN THE STREETS: America in the 1960s, New York: Simon & Schuster 1979
CONTENTS: Viorst tells the story of the street protests from civil rights to Kent State, and the politics and national temperament that led to various events. Interesting read.

Westmoreland, William C., A SOLDIER REPORTS, New York: Doubleday & Company 1976

Woodside, Alexander B., COMMUNITY AND REVOLUTION IN MODERN VIETNAM, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company 1976
CONTENTS: “Prof” at Harvard’s East Asian Research Center since 1969 – so you know where HE’S “coming from!” That said, it IS scholarship, and anybody that quotes Tocqueville HAS to be good!π

Wright, Kai, SOLDIERS OF FREEDOM: An Illustrated History of African Americans in the Armed Forces, New York: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers 2002
CONTENTS: Covers from enslavement, and the Revolutionary War, to Gulf War I – ends with Khobar Towers terrorist bombing. Well researched and written. Detailed chapter on Vietnam. Highly recommended read.π

Wright, Jr., Robert K.(1946- ), THE CONTINENTAL ARMY, Washinton D.C.: U.S. Army Center of Military History [CMH], 1983

Zahler, Kathy A. & Diane Zahler, TEST YOUR COUNTERCULTURAL LITERACY, New York, NY: ARCO, Simon & Schuster, Inc. 1989
CONTENTS: An informative and fun book about the Vietnam era. Sarge sez; If you pass this book’s tests you are: a) Hip to the sixties. b) An overeducated Liberal. c) Older than dirt.π

CONTENTS: The title says it all! A REAL BOOK!!
[“Hey! LIghten-up and smile guys……. all this stuff about Vietnam can get HEAVY! “- Sarge]

πThis symbol (π) indicates books and papers in my personal collection.

≤Western Carolina University Library (stack # using the Library of Congress new system – not the old Dewey Decimal System).


Journals & Manuscripts

Abbott, Charles Wheaton (1832-1918), THE TWELFTH REGIMENT OF INFANTRY, Journal of the Military Institution of the U.S., No.XIV (1893), pgs. 1125-44
CONTAINS: See “Abbott” above.

Currey, Richard, CROSSING OVER: A Vietnam Journal, Cambridge, Mass., Apple-wood Press 1980
CONTAINS: A Navy Corpsman’s fourty-seven observations, poems, and prose. The book-jacket blurb is from well known anti-war activist Daniel Berrigan.

DINFOS(Defense Information School), VIETNAM 10 YEARS LATER: What have we learned?, Ft. Benjamin Harrison, DINFOS 1983
CONTENTS: This publication is an edited collection of speeches delivered during a Senior Public-affairs Officer Course at the school. An ineresting (if stereotypic) read of the Public Relations side of the War in Vietnam. A good companion to the CMH’s book ‘The Military & the Media’ by

Jachowski, Tim, VIETNAM JOURNAL, unpublished private journal of 1969-70, Copyrighted by the author.
CONTENTS: The personal experiences of an artillery officer attached to the 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division. Covers the period of October 1969 to August 1970 – when he left the battalion – and the war in Hua Nghia, Binh Duong & Tay Ninh Provinces, as well as Cambodia.

Jones, Lt. Clifford L., THE ADMINISTRATIVE AND LOGISTICAL HISTORY OF THE ETO, PART VI, NEPTUNE: Training, Mounting, THE ARTIFICIAL PORTS, Historical, Division, European Theater, 1 March 1946, Historical Manuscripts Collection (HMC) [CMH], under file number 8-3.1 AA v.6
CONTENTS: Includes an account of “Operation Tiger.”



Galbraith, James K.,’ ‘ Exit Stategy,’ ‘ Boston Review, October/November 2003 issue.

1969 Green Book, ARMY magazine, October 1969 vol.19 no. 10
CONTENTS: This issue of the magazine, published by the Association of the U.S. Army, covers all major commands and commanders for the year – complete with their photographs. There are also stories relating to the accomplishments and highlights of selected segments of the Army.

Greenberg, Lawrence M., ‘ ‘ Junction City Shoot-Out,’ ‘ Vietnam magazine, Vol.4 No.1, June 1991
CONTENTS: The Battle of Suoi Tre is mentioned in this overview of Junction City operations.

Mann (USA, Ret.), Colonel John E., FIGHTING FORCES: THE 25th INFANTRY DIVISION’S 2nd BATTALION, 12th INFANTRY (‘Double Dozen’), operated in the dedly Boi Loi Woods. Vietnam (magazine) Dec 2002, Vol 15 No.4 (pg.16)
CONTENTS: Our former battalion commander recalls some events from March to June 1969.

Mann (USA Ret.), Col. John, PERSONALITY: CAPTAIN LEE MORROW, Vietnam Magazine Vol.13 No.5 Feb 2001 (Originally published in Vietnam Magazine in October 1996.)
CONTENTS: Colonel Mann’s profile of Co. C’s CO and the April 27, 1969 night laager attack.

Mullins, John F., ‘ ‘ New research supports the argument that the First and Second Indochina was/were part of the same campaign,’ ‘ Vietnam Magazine, October 2001

Tate, Michael, ‘ ‘ Soldiers of the Line: Apache Companies in the U.S. Army, 1891-1897,’ ‘ Arizona and the West magazine, Vol. 16, 1971 pp. 343-364
CONTENTS: Company I, 12th Infantry was an Apache company made up of Chiricahua and Warm Springs Apache from POWs at Mount Vernon Barracks (22 miles north of Mobile, AL). [The ‘Kit Carson Scouts’ of the Wild-wild West.-Sarge]

Weyand, GEN Frederick C. (U.S. Army, Ret.), ‘ ‘ Troops Equal to Any ‘ ‘, Vietnam magazine, Volume II, Number 2, August 1998



National Archives and Records Administration
Textual Archives Services Division
Modern Military Records (NWCTM)
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, Maryland 20740-6001


document date
document number (# of pages)
document name
short summary of contents FYI

10 March 1967
AD0390546 (pp 23)
Lessons Learned, Operation GADSEN, Headquarters, 3d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division

22 March 1967
[ Doc. ID# unkn]
After Action Report, Operation GADSEN, Headquarters, 25th Infantry Division
(2-21 FEB 67 covered. Very little about the 2/12th Infantry – recall, the battalion was in the 4th Division during the reporting

12 May 1967
AD0388140 (pp 56)
Operation JUNCTION CITY, Conducted By The Headquarters, 3d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division

19 May 1967
AD0390303 (pp 61)
Lessons Learned, Headquarters, 25th Infantry Division

19 August 1967
AD0504136 (pp 90)
Lessons Learned, Headquarters, 25th Infantry Division

[unkn date]
[unkn doc #]
TOAN THANG PHASE II, Headquarters, 2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division
(1 OCT 68 – 16 FEB 69 covered.)

23 January 1968
[Doc. # unkn]
After Action Report, Headquarters, 3d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division
(18-27 DEC 67 covered.)

[date unkn (Tet 68]]
[ Doc. # unkn]
After Action Report, Headquarters, II Field Force
(31 JAN to 18 FEB 68 covered. LTG Frederick C Weyand’s report to General Westmoreland. Overview of operations during the Tet 68 attack in the III Corps area.]

3 April 1968
AD0390147 (pp103)
Lessons Learned, Operation YELLOWSTONE, Headquarters, 25th Infantry Division

1 August 1968
AD0395426 (pp 55)
Lessons Learned, Headquarters, 25th Infantry Division

5 November 1968
AD0500768 (pp 48)
Lessons Learned, Headquarters, 2d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division

16 November 1968
AD0395314 (pp 19)
Lessons Learned, Headquarters, 25th Infantry Division Artillery

1 February 1969
AD0502976 (pp 272)
Lessons Learned, Headquarters, 25th Infantry Division

27 March 1970
Annual Historical Supplement of the 2d Battalion, 12th Infantry the period 1 January to 31 December 1969. [2/12th 1969 AHS]

[date unkn]
[doc unkn – appears to be 25th Div. ORLL for Cambodian operations (including a section of brigade operations and 65th Engineer operations). Courtesy of Co. C’s Danny Darnell.]

[date unkn]
[doc # unkn]
Lessons Learned, Headquarters, 25th Infantry Division
(1 AUG 70 to 31 OCT 70. Not much information about the battalion in this one. The 2/12th was in the 1st Brigade, 25th Div. at this time.)

date: organization

7 Oct 68: S-2 / S-3 Section, HHC 2d BDE, 25th INF DIV

27 Apr 69: S-3, 2/12th INF, 25th INF DIV

21 Oct 69: Tactical Operations Center (TOC), 2d Bn 12th Inf, 25th Inf Div

22 Oct 69: TOC 2/12th Inf

23 Oct 69: TOC 2/12th Inf

24 Oct 69: TOC 2/12th Inf

25 Oct 69: TOC 2/12th Inf

19 Feb 70: TOC 2/12th Inf

17 Apr 70: TOC 2/12th Inf

18 Apr 70: TOC 2/12th Inf

31 Jul 70: TOC 2/12th Inf


World Wide Web

Excellent 1/5th (Mechanized) Infantry history and timeline website by Larry Hadzima.


[CRUSADER] — “Crusader” Ops.

[CASSIDY] — Ray Cassidy [Co. B, 2/12th Inf]. Extensive – reader supplied – history and photos of the 2/12th.

Excellent website, by Bill Comeau, about the 2/12th Infantry in the early years in Vietnam, with emphasis on Alpha company.

Doug Huffman’s 1/5th (Mech) Infantry website. Lots of good photos from late 1969 to ’70. Journals for the early to mid 1970s.

A new (Spring 2005) being developed by David B. Mendez (Co. A 66-67).

[MULLENDORE] — Spc6 Stuart L. Mullendore’s history of the 520th Trans Bn “Pipesmoke” in Vietnam.

List has more about Vietnam then you will ever need… I love this page!! Easy to find your Vietnam subject.

Website for the 145th Aviation Battalion (Combat) or better known as the 145th CAB. Click on “Situational Reports.”

[3/4 CAV] — Saber Charlie website for the 3/4 Cavalry.

[RAMSEY] Collection of Tropic Lightning News issues posted by the 2/14th’s Kirk Ramsey. He also has a website:
[TTU] — Vietnam Archives and Project at Texas Tech.

[VANDERBILT] — Television News Archives at Vanderbilt University.

[VHPA] — Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association.